Juustoleipa Cheese

Juustoleipa (pronounced you-stow-lay-PAH) translates into “bread cheese.” Juustoleipa is a cheese native to Finland. It’s unique in the aspect that, during processing, it is baked to create a crust similar to bread, hence its name. It keeps its shape when heated and freezes without crumbling. It’s best served warm to bring out the buttery flavor and “squeaky” texture.

Try pan or deep fried for an outstanding hors devours or shredded and mixed in your favorite food dish for some extra texture and flavor.

Juustoleipa Cheese with Jalapenos

The same great cheese, but with a little kick of Jalapeno. Don’t like spicy food? Not to worry, we only add enough Jalapeno for taste, so anyone can enjoy.

Try some on your favorite Mexican food or pan fry some for a great snack at your next get together. It’s a real crowd pleaser!

Queso Tostadoâ„¢

Queso Tostado is being offered as a ready to heat and eat Queso Blanco. Knowing the busy lives we all lead, we are offering this to help make dinner time a little easier. Already toasted, all you need to do is heat and eat.

Shred, slice, or cube it on your favorite authentic Mexican cuisine. It is delicious on refried beans or on tacos. It can also be enjoyed in a tortilla, for a rich, buttery, chewy delight!

Queso Quesadilla

This cheese is smooth, soft, mild and white. It is a favorite throughout Mexico both for snacking and because it melts easily to make your favorite dishes rich and creamy.

Melt on a tortilla for an easy, delicious quesadilla. It is also great for cheesier grilled cheese sandwiches, creamier mac and cheese or a wonderful topping for cheeseburgers.