Noble View Creamery, LLC is owned and operated by Jay Noble, a sixth generation dairy farmer from Southeast Wisconsin. Working on the farm with his father while growing up fueled his passion for farming. In 2007, Jay had an opportunity to move onto another farm that has been owned by the family since 1843 and built his own dairy. Realizing the growing population of Southeast Wisconsin, and the demand for locally made products, he started Noble View Creamery, LLC which specializes in providing high-quality cheese using only the milk from his dairy. Noble View Creamery offers a variety of traditional favorites under that brand along with its Hispanic varieties under the Alqueria brand.

Building relationships with the customers and going the extra mile to make their experience a positive one is what Noble View Creamery is all about. Noble View Creamery, LLC is located in Union Grove, Wisconsin which is located 30 miles south of Milwaukee and 60 miles north of Chicago.

We hope you enjoy the delicious varieties of cheese Noble View Creamery has to offer.